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myXmas card

color your card as you like & save it for the web or for print!

image/svg+xml Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

Color your Christmas card

myXmas card is a nice Christmas idea by Enjoy!

myXmas card was handcrafted with ♥ using HTML5, CSS3, SVG & jQuery.

Export files (.png and .pdf) are generated real-time from .svg via Apache Java Batik.

For a complete interactive experience we suggest to use Firefox 8.0 or above.

Hover the colors to see their HEX value.

So far we have created 78 Christmas cards!

If your browser supports .svg rendering via jQuery you will see the color changes real-time, otherwise you will see a 'Preview' button.

If you don't want any text on your Christmas card just leave the text field blank.

Saving for the web will generate a .png image 533 px by 373 px @ 96 dpi.

Saving for print will generate a .pdf file 150 mm by 105 mm with 5 mm bleed and crop marks.

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